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Box Office 2023

The Box Office for Speen Festival 2023 is now open! Get your tickets now, or they will sell out fast. 

No events at the moment
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Yellow Brick Road

Stranger Things have happened!...Take a step back in time to the 80s and join Dorothy on her magical journey along the yellow brick road.  Dorothy makes lots of friends along the way including Munchkins, Scarecrow, the Terminator, Cheshire Cat and Little Mermaids.  However, Dorothy’s travels are challenged by the Wicked Witches & other sinister creatures! Can she make it to the Emerald City and find her way home? The Wizard of Oz is not who she thought he was!  Featuring dance and singing to a mixture of 80’s hits, as well as songs from the original Wizard of Oz.  Performed by local, very talented residents and production written just for Speen Festival 2023. You will never see anything like this again! Don’t miss out!

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