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Robin Hood

Robin Hood - an original musical

Times are tough for the (surprisingly musical) villager peasants under the tyrannical rule of the Sheriff of Speen and his wife's expensive tastes. Luckily a small group of outlaws have united to fight against this villainy. With a script by our own Louise Wilson, and music by James Woodhall, this specially written upbeat adaptation is sure to bring life and laughter to the English legend.

The Festival is a chance for people of all ages and abilities to join in and help to create a performance. We need merry men and women (of ages 7-107) for chorus and larger roles. If it's not acting that excites you but set design, stage managing, hair and makeup, costume, props, chaperoning or one of the other ways you can get involved, then please get in touch.

Performances are 19.30 Thursday 7, 19.30 Friday 8, 14.00 & 19.30 Saturday 9 September 2017.


Rehearsals will be held on Sunday afternoons after Easter between April and July. If you know now that there are dates you cannot make, please let us know. Other rehearsals for principal cast members will be made by arrangement.

Summer Production Week please note that we will be running a production week from Tuesday 29 August (NB: after Bank Holiday weekend) - Tuesday 5 September 2017 and you need to attend this (excepting school and work commitments!) or you will not be able to take part in the show. Please talk to us if you have problems with these dates - our flexiblity will depend on demand.

Rehearsal venues

Weekly rehearsals will take place in venues in Speen until we transfer to the Speen Marquee for the Production week. Performances will take place in the Speen Marquee on the Speen Playing Fields as part of the Speen Festival 2017.

Production Team

Trish Preston-Whyte is the Producer and is ably assisted by Emma Large (Director), Sam Laughton (Musical Director) and Carolyn Kendall (Dance Director). There is also a production team made up of enthusiastic local volunteers who are willing to devote their time and talent to ensure this fun community venture is as successful as possible.

Commitment and Absences

In order to ensure a happy cast and make the performance a success, we need to ask for utter commitment from all participants. We will expect you to do work between sessions to learn the piece and we will provide resources as necessary. Too many absences will mean that you will unable to perform in the show.

Box Office and Tickets

Tickets are selling well, donít wait until itís show time, we expect this to be a sell out! Book NOW

Additional ways to be involved

Please let us know if you or friends would like to be involved in other ways (eg photocopying!/ stage management/publicity/front of house/ costumes/props/chaperones/make-up etc) or at another event in the festival.

Further Information

About Robin Hood: