Words and Music

September 10, 2019 | 7:00 pm
Speen Chapel


Plus Ça Change…Finding Asylum

Voices and stories from historical South Bucks – from workhouses , asylums and hospitals – from the lives of the poor and the needy and the mentally ill – and from those who cared for them.

In 1795 the poorhouse in Amersham housed families numbering some 100 people who were contracted out to a taskmaster who was given their work – mostly lacemaking- in return for  feeding them . But they had to be returned since they were so poorly fed they could not  work. When the Chesham workhouse was closed in 1834, there were riots involving a hundred local people protesting that they would never see their relatives again if they were moved as far away as Amersham.  Six people, including an 18 year old girl, were given prison sentences.

These stories are snapshots illustrating changing attitudes towards those in society who could not help themselves – and how a number of those attitudes have stayed the same.

* Ticket price includes The interval refreshments of charcuterie from Chiltern Charcuterie, and cheese, fruit and savouries from Peterley Manor Farm.