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About Speen Festival 2013

Speen Festival has established itself as a celebration of the very best artistic and creative talent from the village itself and the surrounding areas. At the heart of the Festival is the desire to provide local people with opportunities to create and participate in innovative, artistic events. Performances, exhibitions and outdoor activities are offered to the whole community at affordable prices. The Festival reaches beyond the village boundaries and is a true platform for new and developing talent excelling in art, music, dance, science, nature and photography including a full theatrical production.


The inspiration for the Speen Festival arose from the Speen Millennium Pageant of 1999, which demonstrated how the village could come together, using a variety of talents, to produce first-class entertainment. The original Festival in 2001, and those in 2003 and 2005, were developed under the unerring and professional leadership of Martin and Marjorie Stockley. In 2007, Catherine Haddon deftly took over the reins and succeeded in producing yet another hugely successful festival. She was in turn succeeded in 2009 by Jem Symondson who was once more in the chair for 2011.

2013: Who is making it happen?

So who are 'we'? 'We' are nothing without 'You'! The committee format from 2011 is no longer in place and despite Sam and Kate Laughton's best efforts to step down as Artistic Directors they are still well and truly at the centre of our 2013 Festival. So, Sam is coordinating a skeleton team from which the various event organisers can seek support. Sarah Rogers from Pigotts has taken over the admin role with the help of the most impressive file diligently handed on from Sue Taylor, Cat Cook will coordinate the Marketing and Publicity and Kate Laughton is busy delegating SpeenSchoolFest! and similar participatory pursuits. Antony Cox is heading up the Logistics team and all of us need teams of people to get the jobs done. The Festival is entirely created by volunteers and it really is the most amazing community event for such a small village. If you would like to unearth long forgotten talents or even use tried and tested skills on a valuable community enterprise we would love to hear from you. It's not too late if you have any ideas, we are all ears!


Sam Laughton director@speenfestival.org
Sarah Rogers administrator@speenfestival.org
Antony Cox logistics@speenfestival.org
Cat Cook publicity@speenfestival.org
Cristina Delgado frontofhouse@speenfestival.org
Philip Suter
David Davies
Corinne Symonds boxoffice@speenfestival.org


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