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Survival Night

Saturday 14th September 2pm - Sunday 15th September 10am
Fancy a night out under the stars with only your wits to keep you alive?
Set in deepest darkest woods of Speen this survival camping out night will heighten the senses. You might have read the SAS Survival Guide, but now is your chance to live it - no tents allowed!
We will be making our own shelters and - weather permitting - we will sleep out in the shelters overnight. We will be making and lighting small fires to keep warm and cook on. Essential provisions will include string, large plastic sheets or a small tarpaulin, a sleeping bag, warm clothes, matches and something to cook and eat as well as water to drink.
The adults provided (for the over 12s) are military trained and will be heavily equipped with marshmallows and no doubt will be telling stories of derring-do, but you can bring your own adult if they insist on coming or if you are under 12.


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